2018 Talks

the 2018 Virtual Medicine Conference Lectures and Panels

Virtual Reality can often help, but it can also harm.

Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS Virtual Medicine: A Brave New World

VR can bring our attention to something other than what we are doing, to distract us.

Itai Danovitch, MD, MBA
Does VR Really Help Patients? A Critical Review of the Evidence

VR is a wonderful way to help them stay curious.

Les Posen, PhD
The Psycyhology of VR: What 17 years of working in the clinical trenches has taught me

The technology finally is getting to a point where we can make this affordable.

Matthew Stoudt, MBA
Best Practices for integrating VR into a clinical workflow: What works, and what doesn't work?

It feels real, that's the fun part of the equation.

Daniel Kraft, MD
The Exponential future of VR in healthcare

I really do think that medical applications of VR will be one of the strongest verticals for VR technology.

Walter Greenleaf, PhD
How virtual reality is revolutionizing pain management

The future for VR in pain treatment is now.

Ted Jones, PhD
Battling the opioid epidemic with virtual reality: Front-line experiences from the clinical trenches 

It's a safe and practical way to give some adjunctive pain management.

Aenor Sawyer, MD
Blocking the pain: VR as drug-free treatment in orthopedics

VR is already easing pain, calming nerves and improving health.

Keith Grimes, MD
Virtually better: How VR is easing pain, calming nerves and improving health in primary care 

How can technology be an enabler?

Bob Wachter, MD
Medical Virtual Reality: Lessons from the Bumpy Implementation of other Health IT

You can give users choice now.

Skip Rizzo, PhD
From bench to bedside: the evolution of VR from lab tech to front-line theraputic

Imagine the potential to be a learning and connecting tool. It's just amazing.

Rafael Grossman, MD
Gloves, Scalpel... VR-AR! Is this the Future of Surgery and Surgical Training?

The technology is moving so fast we cannot innovate without each other.

Kim Bullock, MD
Virtual reality therapies in neuropsychiatry

People felt good about it, they want to have VR at every blood draw.

Jeffrey Gold, PhD
Serious games: Helping pediatric patients with VR

We saw an innovative teaching tool bringing VR to the community.

Bernice Coleman, RN, PhD &
Pastor Kevin Sauls
"So-HELP" me God: How VR helped reduce blood pressure in the Holman United Methodist Church

Speak to a patient before you build anything at all.

Roundtable with the clinical virtualists
Brandon Birckhead, MD / Moderator
Kate Donovan; Keith Grimes; Rafael Grossman / Panelists

We are enhancing the regular curriculum by using VR.

Psychiatric and neurocognitive applications of VR and AR
Waguih Ishak, MD / Moderator
Kim Bullock; Skip Rizzo; Jeff Gold / Panelists

The technology has crossed a threshold where we can now achieve exponential skill transfer. 

Practice makes perfect: Training doctors with VR & AR
Rafael Grossman / Moderator
Moty Avisar; Justin Barad, MD; Randy Osburn / Panelists

It teaches me tools to learn to calm myself, so that I can be a patient is easier to work with.

The patient perspective: First-person experiences using therapeutic VR
Denise Silber; Swamy Venuturupalli, MD / Moderators
Harmon Clarke; Amanda Greene; Erin Martucci / Panelists

VR has the unique ability to override the mind, take you somewhere else when you're in pain.

Josh Sackman
Mind and body: enhancing VR immersion through biofeedback

The brain loves simplicity, we love the peaceful resolve.

Jeremy Soule
Virtual Soundscapes: how immersive audio compositions will revolutionize therapeutic virtual reality 

As the therapeutic VR literature expands, it is increasingly important to ensure scientific rigor

Brandon Birckhead, MD
How do we improve the science of medical VR? New guidelines from an international working group

Only in the past 5 years have we seen the dramatic explosion in use cases.

David Rhew, MD, MSHS
On the cutting edge of therapeutic virtual reality

We have to build great stuff, that meets unmet needs and works in the clinic.

Brennan Spiegel
Top 10 takeaways from the conference