Dr. Marsh was recruited as Director of the Pediatric Sickle Cell Program at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in 2015 because of her exceptional accomplishments during her fellowship. She has received a Patient Family award and teaching award. She supervises the clinical services for approximately 300 children locally and is the pediatric resource for the Western State Consortium. Dr. Marsh is a co-investigator on several NIH, HRSA, CDC, and pharmaceutical studies. Dr. Marsh was a research fellow in the red cell biology lab focusing on red cell microparticles and their clinical significance particularly in abnormalities of red cell membrane biology that contribute to the pathogenesis of avascular necrosis (AVN) in patients with SCD. This project, funded by an NIH Clinical Research Services-Pilot Research Award for Early Career Investigators, was successfully completed and generated novel findings pertaining to the pathophysiology of AVN in SCD. In collaboration with Frans Kuypers and the UC Berkeley Physiology division, she received a grant from the NFL to investigate the pathophysiology of sickle cell trait during intense exercise. She helps to conduct and oversee phase 1 through phase 3 sponsor and investigator-initiated clinical trials at our center and is an active participant in the HRSA-funded Pediatric Sickle Cell Regional Collaborative. Dr. Marsh is the principal investigator for a prospective study funded by Bayer Healthcare LLC evaluating biomarker changes during a vaso-occlusive crisis and the role of neutrophil elastase as a biomarker for the neutrophil-mediated pathobiology in sickle cell disease. She is the PI for the project virtual reality therapy as an adjunctive, non-pharmacologic distraction modality to alter the perception of pain in sickle cell disease. She is active as an advocate for the community and is a preceptor in the Community health and adolescent Program in Oakland.

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