Making Tech That Matters: Insights from Companies Leading the Charge

As the field of immersive therapeutics continues to evolve and expand, a host of new questions and opportunities emerge. In this session, we will hear from companies innovating new immersive tech in healthcare, including Oculus, Firsthand Technology, Samsung, and Hewlett Packard. We will learn how will mobile technology is adapting to meet the needs of immersive therapeutics, discuss how new VR treatments employ biodata to improve therapeutic potency, and explore how VR is being used to improve the efficacy and efficiency of training doctors and healthcare professionals. Lead by veteran health tech expert Lisa Suennen, we'll hear more about how Oculus, Samsung, HP, and Firsthand Technology are approaching health and wellness through their leading VR platforms as case-study exemplars for others in the healthcare VR community.   


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Andy Mathis
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