Dr. Howard Gurr is a psychologist who has been practicing on Long Island, New York for over 35 years.  He has been working with children and adults who were experiencing anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders. Dr. Gurr has constantly sought out ways to speed up the therapy process and increase positive patient outcomes. Dr. Gurr recognized the benefits of Virtual Reality Therapy over almost 20 years ago, but was financially unable to introduce the technology into his practice.  He waited for the technology to be affordable to solo practitioners, and in 2015, the time had come. Dr. Gurr heard about the Psious platform and their use of cell phone technology to deliver VR to patients. Dr. Gurr has been using VR in his practice ever since. In addition, Dr. Gurr is a strong proponent of the use of VR in clinical practice. He has been promoting the use of VR in the media, to other professionals, giving webinars on the use of VR and beta testing systems for Virtual Reality mental health companies.

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