Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Rev. Kelvin Sauls brings to Holman United Methodist Church years of experience in, and passion for multi-racial, and multi-generational congregational vitalization for meaningful community transformation. Living and working at the intersection of South Los Angeles and South Johannesburg, Rev.Sauls is an intentional bridge-builder for multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregational development in racially diverse communities. He understands his purpose and call in life to create innovative and transformative platforms that will facilitate life to the fullest for all of humankind and creation, beginning with the least of these.

Leveraging intersectionality, his visionary leadership has repositioned Holman as a moral hub of hope and healing, and a prophetic center for wellness and wholeness in the promotion of a more just and fair society locally, regionally and globally. With over thirty ministries for all ages and a robust community engagement system, Holman Church is not just historic, but strives to be relevant and impactful with cutting-edge and ingenious partnerships.

Whether behind the pulpit or on the pavement, in the streets with protesters, or the suites with business and elected leaders, Rev. Sauls is a progressive intersectionalist and a collaborative catalyst. His understands his purpose to be facilitating life to the fullest for all humankind and creation.

At Virtual Medicine, Pastor Sauls will discuss how he partnered with researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to develop a digital health program designed to reduce blood pressure among his parishioners, including use of culturally-tailored virtual reality.