Nick Peres is Director of Research and Innovation at Virti, an immersive learning platform for healthcare education that utilizes analytics for improving human performance. Nick is a humanities-based doctoral researcher at Plymouth University.  Previously he was Head of Technologies R&D at Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust where he set up a Health Education England sponsored VR research lab, a space to co-design and explore the affordances of the technology, specifically towards non-technical skills education and training.  Within the NHS, Nick founded PatientVR, a simple project that utilised immersive 360-degree video, filmed from the patient’s perspective, so healthcare staff could experience what it is like to be the recipient of care, to encourage reflection upon the important ‘humanistic skills’ in a patient’s journey. 

Nick’s background is from the arts and humanities, which has heavily influenced his work within healthcare. He is interested in the role of imagery and video, namely the affect and portrayal of emotions within these mediums, having spent over ten years as a film maker. He is most curious of the role and identity of the ‘camera’ in healthcare settings beyond being viewed as just a tool for medical diagnosis, instead looking at how it helps us recognise and reconnect with what it means to be human.  On the note of filmmaking, Nick advocates a ‘clinicians as content creators’ approach, having run workshops over the past three years to teach 360 video production skills to healthcare staff.

Nick earned a BA (Hons) in Documentary Film and is currently in his final year of a PhD within Transtechnology Research at Plymouth University, studying technological mediation and compassion in clinical training. 

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