Mr. Richard Breton has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Initially, the voices he had were paralyzing and he had to fight them off constantly; this led him to partake in a research project on Avatar Therapy. This innovative treatment uses virtual reality to preproduce hallucinations. Mr. Breton was the first patient to follow Avatar Therapy, which was developed by Dr. Dumais’ team. He was therefore able to provide his feedback from a user’s perspective. Mr. Breton has even become a member of the research team as a patient partner. In doing so, he took an important part in discussions for the conception of the research project. As he has stated, this therapy has had an immense impact on his life. Within the past 3 years following the therapy, he began and completed his Peer-Helper course at Université Laval, he started working at the Research Center of the IUSMM, and he is currently taking a class at Université de Montréal (Faculty of Medicine) as a Mentor and Peer-Helper. Since he truly believes in the potential of this therapy, he has also accepted to speak of his experience in several media interviews.