Rosie is the Creative Director of FRED, an award-winning creative studio based in east London. FRED focuses primarily on incorporating positive psychology, fun and play into creative projects, to support wellbeing with commercial, corporate and public partners. 

FRED has partnered with the Grenfell Health and Wellbeing Service since 2018, exploring the use of VR as an engagement tool with the outreach team supporting the community affected by the tragic Grenfell Fire in 2017. They’ve developed a series of VR/360 mindfulness films, intended to help open up the concept to a wider range of users - from sharing a body scanning session with a world-class ballet dancer in the Royal Opera House to sharing a mindful few minutes on a park bench with Lucius Malfoy. FRED has also been partnered since 2018 with The Children’s Society, exploring the use of immersive technology in their work supporting young people - winning the 2019 Vodafone Techstarter award for their first project, VR With You, which was co-designed with young people attending a mental health drop-in centre and looking at using VR to help support those with anxiety.

They also develop their own projects through the Fred Lab, touching on everything from laughter yoga to studying the effect of chilli consumption on actors, singers (and lovers). Fred is shortly publishing its first paper on the benefits of using VR as a relaxation tool in the workplace, launching the Fred podcast and soon to unveil their collaboration with a major broadcaster on a new digital show combining science and reality TV.

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